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1. Main features

2. Badges, fame, rewards... how does it work?

3. Advanced features

4. Other

Main features

How to use the simulator (video tutorial)

1. Edit your trip

Set your starting and arrival point. You can also set stages and/or use the drag and drop feature to guide the route the way you want.

2. Select your riding style

Decide which kind of effort you are going to make for this specific trip. You can choose between four levels of effort. The human power associated to the effort levels are configured in your eBikeMaps profile. Either based on your settings or on a computation made using your age, sex, weight parameters (important not to cheat for accurate results ;).

3. Select your eBike

Choose the eBike you want to use for this specific trip. You can select an eBike among the models added to your profile. The characteristics of the eBike will be used for the computations as well as for setting the maximum assistance speed (25 km/h for European legislation eBikes, 45 km/h for S-Pedelec, etc).

4. Check your battery state

Take a look at your battery state to see if this eBike is ok for this specific trip with the above defined settings. You can also see the total time, distance, elevation and energy consumption of the trip.
Battery state ok? Great, you're ready to go! Otherwise check out step 5 below ;)

5. If necessary adapt your assistance speed

This is an optional but very useful feature. In case you do not have enough energy for the trip you are planning, you can click on the "Adapt" button in order to automatically compute which maximum assistance speed you should set in order to be able to do your trip without running out of power.
Indeed, with a lower assistance speed you will consume less, but the trip will be longer.

This video shows the main principles of the simulator:

Editing a trip taking into account POI (video tutorial)

Badges, fame, rewards... how does it work?

How do progression and badges work?

help badge

How do I earn fame?

help badge

How to obtain rewards?

Each time you fill a fame progression objective, you will get a reward. You can see your progression on your Progression page

First objective: 50 fame
Reward: appear on the People page as an active eBikeMaps member

Second objective: 100 fame
Reward: you unlock the possibility to invite someone to join eBikeMaps

Following objectives: every 200 fame
Reward: you can choose between the following account upgrades
- an additional eBike slot
- two additional Trip slots
- two additional POI slots

As more and more members get more and more fame, we will introduce new type of rewards!

Advanced features

How accurate is the consumption prediction

There is no simple answer to this question. There are two different types of scenarios:

for very hilly trips,the error is about 5 to 10%. The total gravitational potential energy due to the elevation profile as well as drive system efficiency is estimated accurately and is responsible for most of the consumption of the e-bike. The simulator was originally designed for this.

for flat trips or a fast ebike, the simulation is still accurate only if you provide accurate parameters. The ebike consumption can be very sensitive to the human riding power and vehicle friction parameters. As a consequence, the uncertainty range may be larger than 10%. You can overcome this difficulty by using our model optimization option based on your previously saved trips for which you provided your actual consumption.

We will be using the database of trips with real consumption to improve our core algorithm. We can share this database in the framework of research collaboration.


I'm a professional and interested by eBikeMaps

As we are currently developing features for professionals on, you can contact us to tell us what you would need. We can develop specific features for you. Contact us here for more information.

Can you develop new features?

We are constantly developing new features or improving already existing ones. Please feel free to tell us what you would like us to develop. You can contact us here, or use the Feedback button present on the top right side of your screen.

Go further than eBikeMaps... with the smartphone app!

We are currently developing the eBikeMaps smartphone app (beta version available currently) as well as an assistance controller, eBikeCortex. The goal is the following:

- the eBikeCortex will know the real battery state and motor capacities in real time

- the eBikeMaps app will communicate with eBikeCortex as well as your eBikeMaps account

- knowing the energy left on your bike, and the trip you are planning, we can set the best assistance strategy to guarantee you to reach your destination without running out of battery !

- Please visit to find more about our project.

I haven't found my answer

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form if you have any question.