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eBikeMaps picks among the best eBikes on the market the one that will fit you perfectly.

Compare eBikes

Compare precisely eBikes between them. Add ebikes to your profile, and compare their real performances on the same route.

Rates & Comments

See what others think about their eBikes. Find information to choose the best eBike for you.

Plan your trips

Trip planning tool

Ride freely without range anxiety. The trip planning tool helps you prepare your trips in order to adapt your effort and optimize your battery.

Charging points, hotels, bike stores…

Plan longer trips thanks to bike friendly places proposing charging points for your eBike battery.

GPX import / export

Export your routes in GPX in a few clicks and load them on your navigation devices. Import GPX routes directly in the trip planning tool.

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Chat with other eBikers, give them feedback about your eBike(s) or experience.

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Share your knowledge and experiences with the community. Give your advice about eBikes or trips.

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Discover new routes, follow them and share yours with the community.

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