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I've only had this bike for two days. I was expecting a lot... and it has exceeded my wildest expectations by a good lot. More to follow when the adrenaline recedes. OK, It's been a few more days, and I am more impressed than ever. Using mostly "Eco" mode under flat but windy conditions and about 210lbs total load, it appears that I will get about 105-115 miles on this first charge. What impresses me most, (beyond the motor and battery) is just how nice this bike is, otherwise. When unpowered, it's STILL a great, efficient ride. Looking forward to some long term durability reports to fully vet those 5 stars, but so far this bike has been amazing. 800 mile UPDATE. The Focus is still cruising along quietly and efficiently. I live in the US Northeast. It has been fairly cold and snowy this winter. The bike and battery were kept indoors in a protected but unheated place which was down near, but above freezing many nights. The battery never seemed to mind, and no electrical component missed a beat. They salt the roads heavily here and a weekly wipe down was the only special treatment the bike got. The electrics so far seem very well sealed. There is no sign of surface rust anywhere. It has been ferociously windy the past few weeks, so I have been using higher levels of assist when necessary. With this usage, I still generally get about 80 miles per charge. My short, (4.4 mile each way) commute has been cut by at least a third to half vs. my unpowered hybrid. The weather has prevented me from doing any long or hilly tours as yet. I'm looking forward to updating with information on that by Mid-May. The only real maintenance I've had to do was an oil change for the Shimano hub. I'll be taking the bike back to the dealer for a once over before 1,000 miles. I don't expect much more than a little adjusting of cables and maybe the belt will need to be addressed. All in all, I am as pleased as can be. The lighting is great, the rack is sturdy. My only minor gripes are the laughable bell, which I immediately replaced, and the platform pedals, which get a bit slick when wet.